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April 2019
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Rebecca and Producer Robert talk with Fraser Brown about genetics, the law, patent trolls, the lack of peanut butter in Brazil/Brasil, X-Men super powers, Glaswegians vs Brits, feeling at home, living your best day and attending all the college the law will allow. 


Theme song: Just Like July by Pelicans and Their Allies - https://www.facebook.com/PelicansAndTheirAllies/

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Rebecca and Producer Robert (filling in as co-host in Joel's absence) talk to Ron Southwick. He fills us in on the cliffhanger of The Great Texas Meat Journey story set up by his wife Alison on episode 36, plus conversation about the Cup-O-Pork, building architectural models, the best and worst ways to spend eternity, homemade bacon ice cream and the drunken meet-cute that started it all. 
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Rebecca and Joel talk with Thor Cheston of Right Proper Brewing Company about beer, beer quests, the 4 stages of being a beer dork, owning a beer bar, brewing beer, drinking beer, drinking beer when you've really earned it and other beer-related things.

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Joel and Rebecca sit down at Poste Brasserie in DC to talk with Executive Chef Dennis Marron about his transcendental truffle fries, the Jersey Shore, end of the world feasts, ordering the wrong thing at a restaurant, secret ingredients, and doughnut sundaes. 

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Rebecca and Joel talk with Jonathan Daniels (you might know him as Jack) about karaoke mishaps, the narcissism of Ohio, graduation songs, the silk pajamas and intimate candlelight of Boyz II Men, Amy Grant's Rumspringa and the fact that Unionville is just a long drive and then a short train ride away from the big(-ish) city. 

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Rebecca and Joel talk with Trevor Martin about courtship over burritos, growing up to play for the Denver Broncos, vanity license plates and prank calling the most famous person in your contact list. Plus the usual talk of beard-o's, ranch dressing and roofies.

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Joel and Rebecca talk with Melissa Silverman about David Copperfield's private island, the ways that our current selves screw over our future selves, the disappointing reality that John Cusack is NOT Lloyd Dobler (like, at all), and whether squid ink pasta is an acceptable second date food.

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Rebecca and Joel talk with Chris Hawkins about middle school dances, a la carte strip clubs, unfortunate nicknames, terrible second dates, and how they literally can't stop saying the word 'literally.'

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Joel and Rebecca talk with Cat Reynolds about road trips, Chilean tea time, Argentinian guanaco duels, drinking the entire bottle of whatever, and when girls should keep their shirts on.

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Rebecca and Joel talk with Dave Connell about selecting new additions for the Smithsonian collection, being an internet professional, speculation on what happens at a Canadian badger symposium, family camping at an amusement park, sleep junkies verses the hangry brotherhood, and whether or not lying is bad if it's done with confidence.

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Joel and Rebecca talk with ARLnow.com founder Scott Brodbeck. They discuss the history, challenges, purpose and absurdities of running a local news site, where to find the best sandwiches in Pittsburgh, the super power that both Scott and Rebecca share and why Bocce Ball may never have a home in Arlington, Virginia--all while regularly mispronouncing Scott's last name. 

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Ep 008: Brisket Rain Check

Joel and Rebecca talk with Sam Brannan about green chilies, growing a beard, how to know when your meat is properly cooked, and which side of the Bosphorus to sit on while enjoying a refreshing adult beverage. 

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Joel and Rebecca talk via Skype with Producer Robert about living on a houseboat, having your luggage stolen, becoming a Port Wonk, poorly planned high school reunions, and how great things are going in our lives (according to Facebook). 

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Rebecca and Joel talk with Matt about coming-of-age moments at the neighborhood pool, exploring our internal landscapes via pontoon boat, snobs vs. aficionados, eating the entire sleeve of Chips Ahoy, and the deep cuts of Darius Rucker. 

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Rebecca and Joel talk with Emily Pearl about jinxes, future dessert trends, birthday conferences, and how water and sleep can fix just about anything. 

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Joel and Rebecca talk with Matt about The Book of Mormon, six-fingered class presidents, meatball subs, high school Latin club mixers, and children named after John Denver songs.

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Joel and Rebecca talk with Jeff about reading books out loud, hating pepperoni, drinking queso, having life rules, and why there is no Ep 001.

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Rebecca and Joel talk with Paxton about urban planning, DC snobs, and small town restaurant murals.

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